Culture Connect Co., Ltd.


Culture Connect contribute to a deeper understanding of Japanese culture by connecting Japanese and foreign cultures through our business and service that related to visual industry. In order to realize, we will promote our business and service in cooperation with highly specialized partners and excellent creators.


The brainchild of full on-chain generative NFT on Ethereum, Satoshi Nakajima, a member of Nouns DAO, also a representative director of Singularity Society has realized a full-on chain generative NFT on the Ethereum blockchain.

Thanks to that, Culture Connect will launch Taka Katoʼs animation project, “Laidback Lu" as full on-chain NFT on the Ethereum blockchain! The pre-sales shall start at 5 p.m. on May 19, 2023 Eastern Standard Time at Laidback Lu website ( https:// )

Culture Connect’s 4 Pillars

Advisory Service
Latest Activity-Kidscreen Summit Japan Pavilion Advisory service for Visual Industry Promotion Organization (VIPO)

License Service
Focus on-Japanese video licensing mainly for Chinese market

Producing Business
Hottest Projects-Co-Development “WHAT THE FLUFFOVERSE” (Cosmonaut and Funny Tales), “Gustav, The Forest Keeper” (Kanaban Graphics)

NFT Business
New Challenge: Full on-chain Animation/Illustration NFT (Studio Selfish’s “Laidback Lu”).