Culture Connect Co., Ltd.

Advisory Service

Culture Connect provides tailor-made support to solve issues faced by the animation industry in Japan, utilizing its knowledge, experience, and extensive network in the animation industry, both in Japan and abroad.

Since 2019, we have been providing ongoing advisory support to the Kidscreen Summit Japan Pavilion project of the Visual Industry Promotion Organization (VIPO), a non-profit organization.

Licensing Business

Through Culture Connect's network of overseas agents, broadcasters, and distributors, we support licensing business of Japanese Visual IP, especially animation works.

In 2023, we established a cooperative relationship with QC Media, a major Chinese theatrical distribution company, regarding the licensing of Japanese works to China.

International Co-production/Co-Development

NFT Business

Culture Connect will generate and release full-on-chain NFTs of IP such as animation and illustrations that have potential for international market in cooperation with our technical and marketing partners.

As a first step, we are preparing to develop and release Studio Selfish's animation project "Laidback Lu" illustrations and animation scenes as a full on-chain NFT