Culture Connect Co., Ltd.

Media-rich Contents Creation Democratization: Swipe Studio

Swipe is a new open media document format that enables media-rich contents for smartphones. Swipe Studio (authorizing environment ) allows anybody to create media-rich contents. Culture Connect promotes/distributes Swipe Studio. Swipe Studio allows you to create animation with your illustrations, manga, photo, movies, text without any programming knowledge. Then, you can upload/share the animation on your favorite SNS, such as YouTube, facebook, instagram and more!

SwipeGenerator, Animate your Photoshop Contents!

SwipeGenerator is a function to generate Swipe file using Photoshop Generator. Using Photoshop layer, to create a page by layer group, assign each layer images as an element to generate Swipe file. More detail here.

International Animation Co-Production

We also support Japanese/overseas animation studios/creators for their exploitation of international co-production. Please contact us for more details.

Licensing Support of Japanese animation shows and its derivative rights to the world

Culture Connect supports your exploitation of international licensing of your films and the derivative rights through our international networks. Please contact us for more details.